A Day Full of Portraits

Today was a busy day with a lot of rushing from assignment to assignment all over Windham County. Most of these assignments happened to be portraits of people with interesting stories. (Also, after a very long time of saving my pennies, I bought a new camera body – the Nikon D4S – since my last blog post. Isn’t the quality phenomenal? I’m in love with it.)

The first portrait I made was of high school sweethearts Virginia and Hurel Hale. The Hales have worked together at Soundview Paper in Putney since graduating from high school 50 years ago.  The couple has not only worked at the same company, but for the last five years, on the same machine, the “sheeter” to boot. The couple will retire together this week. I thought it would be fitting to take their picture with their machine, which luckily was right by a large window with lots of great light.


The second portrait I made was of Daniel Fooks. Daniel is currently teaching a class entitled “Maximize Your Electronic Phones and Tablets” with the Windham Regional Career Center’s Adult Education program in Brattleboro, and what is most remarkable about this is that Dan is still in high school. He is a senior at Brattleboro Union High School and is also quite involved with the Career Center. He has received incredibly positive feedback on his class from his students and the Career Center has said that they are very pleased with their decision to hire him. I chose to take his photo in the classroom that he teaches, but sat him at a desk to contrast his status as both a student and a teacher at the same school.


The last portrait I made was of the Vernon police chief Mary Beth Hebert, who has recently announced her resignation. Hebert has been chief since 2009, but her department is in jeopardy after voters decided to drastically cut funding for the police dept. for 2015. I was told that an updated headshot was needed, and was unaware that she was resigning until after the portrait was made, (http://www.reformer.com/localnews/ci_25659371/vernon-police-chief-resigns) so the portrait I made does not tell the story of her resignation as much as I would have liked it to but it will work. She’s very photogenic, don’t you think?

Kayla Rice/Reformer Vernon police chief Mary Beth Hebert.


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