An Unexpected Visit to Sherwin Art Glass

My visit to Sherwin Art Glass in Bellows Falls was a complete accident. I had driven up to BF to get some photos for a story about WOOL Radio. When I got to the building, the radio station was locked and nobody was around. I noticed signs all around the building for a glass studio that was open to the public, so I figured since I was there, I might as well get some photos. I walked in and introduced myself to artist and glassblower Chris Sherwin who was very welcoming and open to me being there while he worked. I ended up with a nice little photo package from the glassblowing studio and learned a lot about an art form that I was previously not all that familiar with. Sometimes exploring and being curious can lead me to the most interesting stories and photos. (A volunteer DJ showed up right as my time at Sherwin Art Glass ended, so I ended up getting the WOOL Radio photos as well!)031714_glassblowing_KR057


031714_glassblowing_KR146  031714_glassblowing_KR169


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